Annyck is a joy to work with! She has a beautifully natural way of balancing kindness, directfulness, and intellect when working with her peers and her clients. Professionally, Annyck has taught me valuable new skills to use during client sessions, she has guided me through challenging cases, and she has taught me business skills like how to pivot and optimize my time. She does all of this with empathy, so I feel like I can authentically share without judgement. There is no doubt in my mind that I will have Annyck as my supervisor for years to come!

Molly, Registered Dietitian – Washington, D.C.

As a psychologist in the eating disorder field collaborating with a dietitian is imperative. I consider myself lucky to be able to collaborate with such a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate dietitian. The many patients that I have shared with Annyck speak very highly about her and are fortunate to be working with her!

Neha, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist – Washington, D.C. 

I trust Annyck with even the most complicated of cases. She is a knowledgeable, humble, and skilled provider who prioritizes collaboration with all members of a client’s treatment team. She has a warm, direct, and empowering clinical style that makes my clients feel heard and supported from the very first session. I’ve also had the privilege to co-lead nutrition therapy groups with her to see her unique approach in action. Annyck is my go-to referral and collaborator across a range of eating disorder presentations.

Abby, PhD, Clinical Psychologist – Washington, D.C. 
Annyck is a valuable resource for me as a coach of endurance athletes. She is able to help me understand the nutritional concepts I need to know to support the athletes I coach, and is always willing to dig deeper into individual cases to find the right solution.
John, Running Coach – Montréal, Québec