Supervision is a form of support to allow Dietitians to grow and develop professionally and personally.

Working one on one with clients can present a lot of opportunities for questioning our current practices, how we approach our clients and how we hold space for challenges and difficulties.

Supervision allows professional dietitians to share clinical, entrepreneurial, relational and emotional experiences in a confidential, empathetic and safe environment.

It allows dietitians to continue to develop their clinical expertise and skill set through processing specific cases pertinent to their practice.

Annyck Besso has been providing professional supervision to registered dietitians across Canada and the United States since 2018.

She receives supervision herself in order to continue to develop in this area.

Sööma offers group supervision and individual supervision.

Here are the differences between the two modalities:

Group Supervision

  • Small intimate group
  • Provides a space to hear a variety of cases and challenges and learn indirectly
  • Allows you to network with different professionals
  • Several minds to reflect on what you bring to supervision

Individual Supervision

  • Confidential and personal environment
  • A time for you to reflect on your personal and professional challenges
  • An opportunity to examine cases more closely
  • One on one guidance tailored to your specific needs

Please inquire to discuss our fees and scheduling

Examples of topics for supervision:

  • Family Based Treatment
  • Incorporating ACT, DBT and CBT in nutrition interventions
  • Business development
  • Sports nutrition and eating disorders
  • Inclusive care

It is extremely important that you feel comfortable and safe in your supervision space. If you’d like to get a sense of what supervision will look like at Sööma, please contact us for more details.